Soltron - The Sunmaker

Just recently, JK-Licht conducted a survey amongst Soltron customers regarding the new Soltron UV lamps. Now we are able to present you 5 new UV lamps with the Soltron label:
One 100 watt, three 160 watt and one 180 watt UV reflector lamps fulfill the market demands of the surveyed customers. All new Soltron UV lamps have been engineered for great UVA and UVB output. They provide the best performance and tanning results.

  • New Soltron UV reflector lamps with open glass technique
  • UVB percentage from 2.3% - 2.6%
  • UVA irradiation from 30 to 51 W
  • No black ends * for the SR 1626 X and VHP 8
  • All tubes have 800 h life time
Soltron low-pressure lamps
DescriptionWattUVB in %Length
Soltron B-Power S10 80,252
Soltron B-Power S9 80,335
Soltron B-Power S9 80,335
Soltron B-Power S9 80,310
Soltron Extreme Power S10 80,252
Soltron Extreme Power S9 80,335
Soltron Extreme Power S9 80,310
Soltron R Super Power 1001,0
Soltron R Super Power 1001,5
Soltron R Super Power S14 CS 1001,6
Soltron Super Power R XL 1202,0
Soltron Super Power R XXL 1202,42,0
Soltron Smart Power R S1 CS 1202,52,0
Soltron R Turbo Power plus 1600,8
Soltron R Turbo Power 1600,9
Soltron R Turbo Power S11 CS 1601,3
Soltron R Turbo Power 1601,5
Soltron Dynamic Power SR 1602,3
Soltron High Power VIT R XXL 1602,61.760
Soltron Turbo Power SR1820 1802,0
Soltron Smart Power R S3 CS 2000,82,0
Soltron Smart Power R S2 CS 2001,52,0

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