Live the CALIFORNIAN dream

California conjures up images of blazing sunlight, adventure, glamour and beauty. 
Tanning Lotions by "California Tan" stand for beautiful tan and fantastic sales. As leading experts in the field of tanning cosmetics, California Tan have been offering their customers an incomparable experience for 15 years:
Spectacular tan that whisks you off to sunny California. Faster, more intensive and longer-lasting than ever before. With innovative products that will fulfill every customers wishes. California Tan gives you the ultimate tanning experience!

The exclusive, high-grade solar cosmetics brand provides scientifically developed tanning technologies and perfect skin care to create unbeatable tanning experiences.

In June 2002, JK-Licht, the biggest international sales organisation for UV lamps, and California Tan, the biggest manufacturer of high-grade tanning cosmetics in the world, signed a partnership contract for cooperation in Europe.

Two strong partners ensuring an incomparable tanning experience.