Energizing Mask Technology

The EMT concept is a perfect combination of innovative, preparative active components and appliance-based treatment methods. The resulting treatment concepts lead to outstanding success rates and exceptional treatment efficiency.

Cellulose - the unique and innovative carrier fo r masks

Cellulose is one of the most important natural substances on earth. It is the main component of plant cell walls and plays an important role as a supportive and structural substance. For example, wood contains 40 to 60% cellulose and cotton is made up almost entirely of cellulose. Cellulose has a very fine structure:
It is 1/1000 thinner than human hair, extremely flexible and a purely naturally occurring material. These qualities make cellulose the perfect carrier for active ingredients for skin care and treatment, especially for the face: Cellulose fits the shape of the face better than any other carrier and fills perfectly any fine lines
and irregularities in the skin. This allows the active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin.

Benefits of the EMT mask

  • Simple application: Fast application without any time spent on preparation or removal
  • Hygienic packaging: Customer safety and individuality
  • Dual treatment success: Cellulose stabilises the cell walls and also serves as a carrier for active agents
  • Optimum fit: Cellulose fits perfectly onto the skin and enables an outstanding, well-balanced absorption of active agents.
  • Energizing light treatment: Perfectly suited for combination with BEAUTY ANGEL ELT