Your salon customers will want to go home after a tanning session with a beautiful tan ? nothing more. Rashes and skin infections from bacteria, fungi and viruses are unpleasant ?extras? that can be avoided, which is what makes perfect studio hygiene so important ? satisfied customers are regular customers, after all. There?s no secret to perfect salon hygiene, either ? JK-Licht has been working together with chemists and biologists on a new rapid disinfectant cleaner, Solarfix, a cleaning solution specifically developed for tanning salons.

Solarfix gives you fast, thorough and intensive protection for your customers against bacteria, fungi and many strains of virus; it?s easy to prepare, too: Solarfix is available in 150 ml bottles of aldehyde-free fluid concentrate for dilution in water, each bottle yielding ten litres of 1.5% solution ready for use. 

After each tanning session, spray the solution onto the base acrylic and any other surfaces using the spray bottle developed especially for Solarfix. After giving the solution a short time to take effect, wipe down the sunbed for the next customer to use. Solarfix comes with a pleasant scent, and has been tested for use on all types of surface in your salon ? including sensitive surfaces such as Plexiglas, acrylics, plastic cover panels and glass.

Solarfix gives your customers a welcomingly fresh and disinfected sunbed that they expect from a trustworthy tanning salon.

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Product-Flyer as download(PDF)

Operating instructions for Belgium as download(PDF)