It's Showtime for Bermuda Gold

Bermuda Gold provides an all-round, newly designed UV lamp range that fulfils all market requirements. The new Gold collection stands for high performance with its tested safety and long life for perfect tanning results. The Gold Collection has been entirely redesigned in order to meet our customers´ requirements even better.

The 600, 800, 1000 series fulfill the highest expectations regarding length of life and color.

In cooperation with leading UV experts the lamp portfolio has been expanded while technology has been vastly improved. We concentrated especially on optimizing the UV performance and increasing life span

Bermuda Gold Collection features:

  • Bermuda Gold 1000
  • Bermuda Gold 800
  • Bermuda Gold 600
  • Bermuda Gold Color
  • Bermuda Gold EU
  • Bermuda Gold HP

Go for Gold:Bermuda Gold 1000
Bermuda Gold offers UV tubes with long mount and short mount technology. The long mount technology of Bermuda Gold 1000 convinces with its optimized life. Operating temperature is optimized via cool zone technology by the use of long electrodes. This not only increases the life span of the lamps considerably, but also improves tanning results. The refined phosphor (neon/argon gas mixture) and the new style jacket also enhance results. For the Bermuda Gold series, the jackets are coated first with the phosphor layer and then with a protective layer. This protective layer prevents rapid wear and tear of the phosphor and supports longer life of Bermuda Gold lamps. An additional effect that your customers will appreciate is the maximized UV-A output of the Bermuda Gold 1000. That means a better direct tan that your customers will see immediately after their tanning session.

The Bermuda Gold 1000 in brief:

  • Perfected long mount technology for optimum cooling
  • Refined neon / argon gas mixture for higher UV energy
  • A new kind of protective phosphor coating for longer life (1000 h)
  • Maximised direct tanning effect by means of optimised UV-A

Bermuda Gold 1000: high-performance, state-of-the-art lamps.
Optimized UV-A output for maximized tanning results

Discover Gold: Bermuda Gold 800
Short mount technology has been improved in the new Gold Collection. For the Bermuda Gold 800 this means short mount technology with a long mount effect. Here, too, the new protective phosphor layer increases lamp life: to 800 hours, despite the short mounts. This means that top tanning performance can be achieved even in airconditioned solaria at a competitive price.

Bermuda Gold 800: Short mount lamps with a long mount effect.

Golden Opportunity: Bermuda Gold 600
The lowest priced tubes with a life of 600 hours have been optimized for the Bermuda Gold Collection. The technolgies as used in the 1000 and 800 series lead to improved lamp life for outstanding tanning results. 

Golden Style: Bermuda Gold Color
Are your customers looking for relaxation in green light? If so, the Bermuda Gold Color series offers the perfect solution. Two-coloured tubes are also part of the Gold Collection.

Bermuda Gold -  the perfect choice for guaranteed safety
In order to guarantee consistent high quality, the Bermuda Gold lamps undergo strict safety tests. The JK-Licht quality seal guarantees high UV performance. The comprehensive Gold Collection from Bermuda Gold provides UV solutions for any requirements. Contact us - we will be glad to advise you at any time!

The new Bermuda Gold Collection - the perfect choice:

  • Many years of success and experience in the UV market
  • Developed in cooperation with leading UV professionals
  • Long mount technology for long life (1000 h) and higher UV output
  • The use of refined phosphor (neon/argon gas mixture)
  • A new kind of protective phosphor coating for long life
  • Optimized UV-A output for maximized direct tanning
  • Short mount tubes with long mount effect for increasing life (800 h)
  • Strict safety tests for guaranteed quality

Bermuda Gold high-performance, state-of-the-art lamps at a reasonable price. Top quality that is affordable.

Bermuda Gold Color
DescriptionWattX-ValueUVB in %Length
Bermuda Gold Two Color R 10/20/100 1001,11,760
Bermuda Gold 800 R Two Color 22/27/180 1802,2 - 2,72,0