The Real Ergoline:

Superioir Performance from the Number 1

Ergoline's trend-setting UV technology makes it the Number One worldwide. The foundation of every UV technology is the UV components in the tanning beds. The Ergoline UV lamp portfolio is tailor made for the market leading professional Ergoline sunbeds. Joint activities of all research & development departments guarantee perfect fit of UV lamps and Ergoline sunbeds – resulting in perfect tanning results and satisfied customers!

The highlight of every Ergoline sunbed:

Original Ergoline UV lamps

State-of-the-art manufacturing methods guarantee constant high quality for absolute reliability and long life. The JK-Licht seal guarantees certified safety. Thus you will receive the right UV- and the right high pressure lamps for all tanning beds in compliance with all EU requirements. The JK-Licht team will be glad to help you to make the right choice at all times!

The market leaders recommend:

Ergoline sunbeds with original UV equipment

The Dynamic Power and Ergoline UV tubes provide high performance, with a life of up to 1,200 hours. This excellent result is obtained by using Dynamic Power at the appropriate setting. The perfected long mount technology provides optimum cooling. New style jackets, refined phosphor(neon/argon gas mixture) and an extra protective coating for the phosphor support this effect. The result: longer life and an improved tanning result.
The UV lamps with short mount technology have also been perfected down to the last detail. Here, too, the protective phosphor coating brings about a life improvement of up to 800 hours despite the short frames/racks/supports. This means, that an optimized tanning result in combination with the highly developed cooling systems of the Ergoline sunbeds is also achieved.

Ergoline low-pressure lamps
DescriptionWattX-ValueUVB in %Length
Ergoline B-Power S10 80,252
Ergoline B-Power S9 CS 80,310
Ergoline Extreme Power S9 80,310
Ergoline Extreme Power S9 80,335
Ergoline Extreme Power 150,310
Extreme Power 150,310
Ergoline SD Power 252,50.520
Ergoline Extreme Power 360.720
Ergoline Power R 401,80,600
Ergoline R Super Power 802,41,500
Ergoline N Super Power 801,01.5
Ergoline Dynamic Power R 80-2001,82,0
Ergoline SR Super Power 801,81.5
Ergoline Dynamic Power SR, CS 80-2002,41.760
Ergoline R ES6 100271,760
Ergoline R Super Power 1000,81,760
Ergoline N Super Power 1001,01,760
Ergoline R Super Power 1001,01,760
Ergoline SR Super Power 1001,51,760
Ergoline R Super Power E14 CS 1001,61,760
Ergoline S Super Power 1001,61,760
Ergoline R Super Power E14 CS 1001,72,0
Ergoline SR plus Super Power 1001,91,760
Ergoline R Super Power S11 CS 1002,01,760
Ergoline R Super Power 1201,52,0
Ergoline R Smart Power S1 CS 1202,52,0
Ergoline SR Turbo Power 1401,71.5
Ergoline Blue Advanced EP212, 160W R CS 1601201,740
Ergoline Blue EP 201 CS 160301,740
Ergoline Max Tan E 1601,760
Ergoline R ES5, 80-200 160271,760
Ergoline R ES6, 80-200 160311,760
Ergoline SR Turbo 160971,760
Ergoline Turbo Power R Plus ES, 160 W 160491,760
Ergoline Dynamic Power R 1601,01,760
Ergoline R plus Turbo Power 1601,01,760
Ergoline R Turbo Power E11 CS 1601,31,760
Ergoline Dynamic Power 1600 2R, 80-200 1601,41,750
Ergoline R Turbo Power 1601,51,760
Ergoline Dynamic Power R 100-200 1601,61,760
Ergoline MaxTan Electronic Power 1601,61,760
Ergoline SR Turbo Power 1602,01,760
Ergoline High Power VIT R XL 1602,31,760
Ergoline SRL Turbo Power 1602,31,9
Ergoline High Power R XXL 1602,41,760
Ergoline Dynamic High Performance SR 80-200 1602,61,760
Ergoline Dynamic Power 1600 1R, 80-200 1602,61,750
Ergoline High Performance LL RXXL 1602,61.760
Ergoline High Power VIT R XXL 1602,61,760
Ergoline Dynamic Power Extreme SR 180W 1801442,000
Ergoline R Turbo Power 1801,72,0
Ergoline Magic Power SR VXL 1802,02,0
Ergoline Magic Power SR VXL 1802,42,0
Ergoline High Power R XXL CS 1802,52,0
Ergoline Magic Power SR VXL 1802,62,0
Ergoline Dynamic Power R 80-200, CS 1802,72,0
Ergoline Dynamic Power Extreme SR 1803,02,0
Ergoline R Smart Power S3 CS 2000,82,0
Ergoline R Smart Power S2 CS 2001,52,0