naturally tanned, smooth and soft skin

Smartsun – a unique combination of red Beauty Light and gently tanning UV light. The result is smooth and soft skin and a naturally tanned complexion.

Smartsun not only opens up a new set of potential customers for your studio, it also attracts customers who are somewhat sceptical about visiting a tanning studio. Visitors to your studio who want to do something for their looks, their appeal and their complexion - and also like to achieve an attractive tan - will love Smartsun!
Of course, our entire range of tubes fulfils all current standards as well as all legal requirements.

Suggest to your customers to test the lamps over several sessions, as Smartsun offers convincing and unique results for the complexion and the tan, which customers need to see for themselves.

DescriptionWattX-ValueUVB in %Length
Smart Sun 100 81000,310
Smart Sun 115 81150,335
Smart Sun 13 8130,310
Smart Sun 63 8630,310
Smart Sun 71 8710,310
Smart Sun 10 2590,520
Smart Sun 15 25150,520
Smart Sun R 25 80251,500
Smart Sun R 18 CS 100352,0
Smart Sun R 26 CS 100261,760
Smart Sun R 27 100321.760
Smart Sun R 19 120272,0
Smart Sun R 25 CS 120222,0
Smart Sun R 27 CS 120271.986
Smart Sun R 30 CS 160311,740
Smart Sun R 31 CS 160311,760
Smart Sun R 34 160361.760
Smart Sun R 35 CS, 80-200 160361,740
Smart Sun R 36 160441.760
Smart Sun R 50 CS, 1600 160511,740
Smart Sun R 37 CS 180452,0
Smart Sun R 39 CS 180412,0